Sandro Monetti: Colin Firth: The Man Who Would Be King

Sandro Monetti: Colin Firth: The man who would be kingI’m not sure it is the best idea if the biggest fan wrote a book about an actor, how great soever journalist he may be, because the result would be too prejudiced. But maybe the similarly big fan readers need exactly this style…

I agree with the enthusiasm on many parts, Colin Firth is definitely a good man and a great actor, in so far as we can judge this, after reading the book. But continuously using superlatives is so confusing because the reader is not sure if he got a real impression of him. For example it’s not easy to believe that Firth was so great and wonderful in all of his movies.

The editing of the book is proper, the author is a professional writer, for example the configuration of the chapters are very good. It is rather strange, that Colin Firth already got the Academy Award on the 74th page and in his speech he appreciated his wife, but it is acceptable, because that chapter was about his perfect relationship with his wife.

The biggest part of the book is about his movies, these chapters contain the summary of the plot and some personal stories. Several parts tempted me to watch the films, for example we saw Easy Virtue just because of the book, and it wasn’t a disappointment, neither the film, nor the acting of Colin Firth. There were many stories about his biggest American blockbusters, for example Bridget Jones and Mamma Mia, and of course the book is talking much about Pride and Prejudice. I think despite of all the praises of the author, Firth’s best is that rigid, but pleasant and funny character.

Personally, it seems his work for the poor is too scattered, there are too many regions and organizations that he spoke for, but it is hard to decide just by reading the book. Of course to speak and work for the poor is right, to love Italy is right too, and it is appealing how simple person he is.

After all, the best part of the book is the chapter about The King’s Speech, it’s really amazing what a success turned out from that cheap British movie about the stutterer king. But the end of the book is awkward, there is the Psychologist of the Stars, who speaks of Firth with a simpler version of psychology language, and after that the Stylist of the Stars analyses the clothing of the actor. OK, maybe there are some readers who are interested in…

The book finished with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, there is just an episodic part for Colin – but never worse episode-role, of course. And he was great and wonderful in that movie too, his star is just rising and rising, and would shine for a long time…

Sandro Monetti: Colin Firth: The man who would be king
LBLA Digital, 2011.

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