Nicholas Oldland: Walk on the Wild Side (The Bear, The Moose and The Beaver #5)

Nicholas Oldland: Walk on the Wild Side (A medve, a jávorszarvas és a hód, 5. rész)The 5th chapter is about why friendship is stronger than competitive nature and why it’s better to be together than to triumph over others at all costs.

The three friends go to climb a mountain. They stop to eat and decide the day will be more exciting if they race to the top. They start and initially the moose takes the lead. But in a corner a boulder scares him and the moose falls to a ravine… It’s a rather morbid moment, even if the moose is able to catch a branch… The beaver does not notice him in his hurry, but the bear does. He tries to help him but he falls down as well… The moose catches him, so they both cry for help… It’s loud enough for the beaver, who goes back, cut down a tree and saves his friends. They continue the tour together, much slower, and at the end of the day they sit and hug each other at the top of the mountain.

The pictures are funny again, like the beaver has enough time not just to cut down a tree but to create some steps to make the way up comfortable… and he has enough strength to hold on until the bear and the moose climbs up…

The new chapter delivers a new lesson, and the red bird also returns with the others. Those who liked the previous parts will like this one too, but it could be a nice good-evening story without knowing the preludes as well.

Nicholas Oldland: Walk on the Wild Side (The Bear, The Moose and The Beaver #5)
Kids Can Press, 2015.

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